Hey there. I've been building stuff and solving problems on the web for 10+ years. My expertise is in the front-end, back-end, and user experience. I earned my BS in Computer Science from University of Mary Washington in 2002. Since then I have worked as a web developer and project manager for a small web studio (Mindseye Inc), as a programmer at a large medical software company (Meditech), as a web developer within the ad operations technology group of a large international media corporation (formerly CNET Networks, now CBS Interactive), co-founded a startup (Sweat For A Cause), and run my own full-service (design, development, photography) freelance shop with a proprietary CMS named Twilight (Bluelight Media).

I'm using and loving these everyday: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, MySql, Git, SVN

I'm pretty comfortable with these: WordPress, Perl, Flash, Actionscript, Unix

I've dabbled with these: Django, Python, Sass, LESS, Compass, Bootstrap, Angular, YUI, Prototype

I'm also a husband, father, traveler, photographer, vintage danish chair collector, and buffalo sauce connoisseur.